Thursday, July 27, 2017

Karen Woodall vs Craig Childress

Hierbij enkele citaten van Dr. Psy Craig Childress:

"Karen Woodall, stop trying to co-opt my work and present it as your own.

Karen Woodall, stop trying to co-opt my work and present it as if it was your own.  Within exactly the same sentence that you reference my work you claim it as your own,

It is professionally unseemly, it is professionally inappropriate, and it is professionally disrespectful to try to co-opt the work of another as if it was your own.  Stop it.

You and Dr. Bernet want to pretend that AB-PA doesn’t exist, that it’s “nothing new” – because you are desperately trying to hold on to your status as “experts” in a mythical “new form of pathology” called “parental alienation.”

I, on the other hand, am trying to take us back to the path of established professional psychology – established professional constructs and principles – real and actual forms of psychological pathology.  NO “new forms of pathology” unique in all of mental health that require an equally new and unique set of symptom identifiers developed uniquely and specifially for this supposedly new form of pathology.

But the moment we return to the path of professionally established constructs and principles, the moment we stop proposing an entirely “new form of pathology,” then you and Dr. Bernet and all the other Gardnerian PAS “experts” cease to be “experts,” because you are only experts in unicorns and mermaids.  You need to hold on to mythical forms of new pathology – to the existence of unicorns and mermaids – because then you can hold on to your status as an “expert.” einde citaat.

Een aantal hebben ondertussen hier al de weg ingeslagen om "expert" te worden in Parental Alienation. Vaak een expertise die voorzien wordt voor een selecte groep "experts".

Lees hier het volledige artikel: Klik hier

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