Saturday, June 18, 2022

"Ouderverstoting is een strategie van het kind"

'Ouderverstoting is een overlevingsstrategie van het kind'

Bij ouderverstoting is een kind vijandig tegenover een van de ouders, het weigert contact en laat daar geen schuldgevoelens over zien. De andere ouder, maar ook de omgeving, is daar volgens Erna Janssen altijd schuldig aan. Ze werkt veel met deze problematiek en ontwikkelde een systemische methode voor de aanpak.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

A new book: FACT or FAKE

Presentation of the book

Statement of the Global Action for Research Integrity in Parental Alienation

Objective of the book:

Our goal is to make visible problems caused by multiple publications with scientific fraud in parental alienation, such as lack of respect for the rights of children of divorced parents to a life free of violence and to live with their entire family.

Why was the book created?

The book was written because the editors of the fraudulent publications and articles have refused to withdraw them, ignoring the international guidelines in science.

What benefits will the book have?

The book will serve so that the children of separated parents do not suffer from parental alienation, a type of child violence that consists of manipulation strategies of the parent who has custody, with the aim of causing a breakup of the child with the other parent.

Contribution in the World:

Three emblematic cases of books with scientific fraud published by the American Psychological Association of the USA, Norstedts Juridik of Sweden, and the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation of Mexico are illustrated. The retraction of these books will ensure that new generations of children of separated parents do not suffer from this scourge, which these books have tried to deny through scientific fraud.

The goal of GARI-PA:

The United Nations is requested to intervene so that parental alienation is reincorporated into ICD-11, since the World Health Organization did not provide any explanation of any research that would support the decision to eliminate it.


This book was written by Dr. Alejandro Mendoza Amaro and Dr. William Bernet, who identified this problem and formed an international scientific association made up of delegates from 18 countries. The book was written in English and Spanish to eliminate language barriers.

Presentation of the book:

It will take place on March 24, 2022 (consult the table of time zones in ), with simultaneous translation between English and Spanish, as well as subtitles in Portuguese. Participating are Dr. Alejandro Mendoza Amaro, Chairperson of Hispanic Regional Chapter; Dr. William Bernet, Chairperson of English Regional Chapter; Dr. Jennifer Harman, Delegate in the United States; Dr. Fabiola González Betanzos, Secretary; Silvana Verónica Giachero, Delegate in Uruguay; and Dr. Angela Morgan, Delegate in the United Kingdom.

Monday, January 31, 2022

Parental Alienation: a real problem

In the USA alone, an alarming number of families, estimated over 22 million, are affected by parental alienation. Millions of children are held psychologically hostage by parents they trust.

Through manipulation and coercion, innocent children are weaponized against the alienated parent.

Children are involuntarily forced to align entirely with one parent and sever ties with the other. They are forbidden to love a parent with whom they were previously close to.

Targeted parents and alienated children suffer the effects of this atrocity for a lifetime.

Parental alienation is the most damaging and fast-growing type of child abuse. Though highly prevalent in societies worldwide.

Parental alienation is not commonly known or recognized. Awareness, education, and commitment to change are the keys.

To learn more, please visit the non-profit organization website,

And please sign our petition to stop Parental Alienation and Family Court's ignorance...

Parental Alienation behaviours recognised as child abuse & domestic violence.


We would truly appreciate all members of PASG and all  ORGANIZATIONS fighting for children’s rights to be behind us & supporting our organization, signing our petition & sharing as much as possible in your network and social media & encouraging others to do the same.

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