Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Professional competence

ALL mental health professionals who are assessing, diagnosing, and treating the expression of parental personality pathology within the family involving parental psychological control of the child in a crossgenerational coalition that reenacts a false trauma reenactment narrative from the parent’s own childhood attachment trauma, MUST possess the relevant professional competence in the relevant domains of psychopathology being assessed, diagnosed, and treated.

The Truth: The construct of “parental alienation” is not a defined construct in clinical psychology. No such pathology exists within professional clinical psychology.
However, a variety of other constructs do exist that are fully defined, fully established, and fully accepted constructs within professional psychology, such as:

  • Narcissistic and borderline personality pathology (the Dark Triad and Vulnerable Dark Triad personalities);
  • Family systems constructs of the child’s triangulation into the spousal conflict through the formation of a cross-generational coalition with one parent against the other parent;
  • Parental psychological control of children, role-reversal relationships, the “invalidating environment,” and the trans-generational transmission of attachment trauma through the reenactment of the parent’s false trauma narrative in future generations.

All of these constructs are well-defined, well-established, and fully accepted psychological constructs and principles within professional psychology.
All mental health professionals are responsible for professional competence in all of these fully established and fully accepted psychological principles and constructs.

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