Tuesday, April 24, 2018

#IExist - 25 April - Parental Alienation Awareness Day

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Today, April 25th, its Parental Alienation Awareness Day (PAAD), part of a global awareness campaign to raise awareness about parental alienation.

For those parents which are familiar with this subject, which are missing their children and suffering sadness, grief and pain; I would like to wish them a day full of beautiful memories, consolation and strength.

For those people in the world which don't know what Parental Alienation means, I will provide you with a short overview of signs and symptoms.
Children display eight behaviours that can be read as symptoms of alienation. “Any parent concerned that a child is becoming alienated should be on the lookout for even a hint of these behaviours,”:

  1. Extreme negative views toward the parent, including denying past positive experiences, and lack of investment or interest in improving the relationship.
  2. Frivolous or absurd reasons for hurt and anger with the parent.
  3. Seeing one parent as all good and the other as all bad.
  4. Always siding with the favored parent, no matter what he or she says or does.
  5. A lack of remorse for hurting the rejected parent’s feelings.
  6. Claiming to reject the parent with no influence from the favored parent, even though that parent is an obvious influence.
  7. Repeating the favored parent’s words without always understanding what they mean.
  8. Becoming cold and hostile toward friends and family of the rejected parent.

A detailed article in dutch:


Parental Alienation = CHILD Abuse

Parental Alienation is the act of a parent or person coaching/convincing the Children to "break away" from the other parent by way of brainwashing the Children into thinking badly of the targeted Parent often to the point of them refusing to having anything or little to do with that parent, in most cases the Children actually not only believe the words of the Alienator unconditionally at the time but are also coached in such a way as to believe that it is themselves that have made the decision to not love or want to see the other Parent.

Alienators are cunning in their ways and will do almost anything to achieve their goal and this often includes making false allegations of harm to the Children supposedly by the targeted parent that in most cases involves expensive court time and much stress, some targeted parents even give up the fight due to not having the means to meet the expense or choosing not to endure the stress and this is what the alienator wants to happen as it usually results in the targeted parent exiting from the lives of the Children.

The alienator claims to love the Children whilst at the same time their actions are significantly detracting from the Childrens rights, best interests and long term emotional stability, the alienator usually does not care about those things, just to reach their perverted goal at almost any cost, they are accomplished liars and a disgrace to parenthood and there can be many reasons for their actions, mostly perverted and or extremely selfish.

#IExist - #Ikbesta

This year some alienated parents in Belgium raised an awareness campaign with #Ikbesta or #IExist. 

May I kindly ask you to support this awareness campaign worldwide, so we can raise awareness globally!?

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